We're extremely pleased to see our North Brooklyn business community return to normal. However, we're all now dealing with a "new normal." We are here to help in whatever way we can. We suggest you continue to take small, manageable steps and set realistic goals. Hurdles will always exist in business, but with the right guidance and advice, hopefully, they become fewer and easier to manage. The North Brooklyn Chamber is here to help supply that guidance and advice.


Membership Plans

Membership guarantees that you’ll not only benefit by expanding your personal and business network, but you'll also be presented with the opportunity to participate in making actual changes to the local business landscape.

Business Basic

Basic - $300

Ideal for independent contractors/freelancers, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Schedule one-on-one business consultations
  • Benefit from member-to-member introductions
  • Post announcements or event listings in our newsletter
  • Display a business listing on our website
  • Attend all member programs and events
  • Vote on any matters referred to the general membership

Director Level

Director - $1,000

Entitles member to all previously listed benefits plus:

  • Invitations to VIP events and sessions
  • Company name/logo included in highlight area on website
  • Company name included in highlight area in newsletter

Executive Level

Executive - $2,500

Entitles member to all previously listed benefits plus:

  • “Spotlight Business” story on website
  • Event and pre-event naming rights
  • Live recognition at select events
  • Invitations to any “special BOD sessions” and post-meeting discussions

Premier Level

Premier - $5,000

Entitles member to all previously listed benefits plus:

  • Banner ad on website
  • Opportunity to speak at all events
  • Chance to co-produce an event